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My debut full-length album is finally here! Some calming music for some not-so-calming times. Proceeds go to The People's Music School. Support a wonderful organization, sit back, and relax.
Usually my family's Passover seder is a huge gathering. This year it was not. I wrote a lil ditty about that! Gossip Wolf in the Chicago Reader called it "hilarious and heartbreaking." Without too much self-praise, I second that. Check out the full writeup on "Zeder" and until nothing here!
Here's a solo track I did that melds my poetry with soundscape and pedalboard playing. A couple of my friends have dubbed it a "musoem."
And now for something completely different...This is a live recording of a HMELU (Heavy Metal Ensemble of Lawrence University). There's over twenty musicians on this. I'm the one growling.
This is a solo acoustic track I recorded when I was feeling bad and wanted to feel better.
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