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Guerilla Toss // Battles @ Lincoln Hall, 12-8-19

i. Guerilla Toss

streams of static moving

cotton candy slinking punching slicing

clean and rusted glass spears coming at all different angles but never nouching never interacting

getting lost in crunches of guitars

sounds of mazes fiddling and distorting over rhythmwalls

drive of disco as a hand floats above the sky’s colors

atmospheres swirling together in between and around

cracks of grooves

ii. Battles


the blocks


at different times

and assembling

when it’s all said

and done

cute stuffed

animals with

robotic parts

a voice that stops time to smear its contents sonic together before the jitters piece apart in grains and crumbles

a musical strobe so fast it’s slow and

calming / physical space melted

away and guitarsynthdrums

become that space / hardened

colors but retaining malleability

bass swallow me


stadium beat want to dream this sound

want to dream this groove

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