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Gordon Grdina’s Nomad Trio @ Elastic Arts, 1-16-20

Updated: May 11, 2020

Gordon Grdina / Matt Mitchell / Jim Black


suspended in molasses overheating

burning crumbling

fuel for his anxiety

and calmness


of speeding while slowing

death pulling at each


insects crawling

calculated not

always sure of

where they’ll go

a drunk lullaby, an uneasy fall

to sleep, sunshiningatnight, moonatthesametime

first you lose control of your arms

you drop the dream recorder

and it falls for minutes

clock is broken

and you might not wake up this time

you fall back asleep

you fall back asleep

the pillow is cold

and will always be

it erupts in stream

small flames coating

warmth and support for your head

cooling off but heat in colors

heat growling occasionally

twinkling woodthreads

hollow grooves with full punctuation

gnawing until it’s all gone

several red spheres inlaid in wood

tuned shimmer falling in and out

tripping pounds scattered

like splintered barrels formed

into microscopic crystalized patterns

ink runs through

pepper runs through

sprint up stairs

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