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Clausen/Hunton/Heinemann @ Slate Arts and Performance, 11-20-19

Sarah Clausen / Emerson Hunton / Jakob Heinemann

(fka Glass Jaw, ffka Mobile Vanguard)


non alternating steps, both feet moving forward at the same time, trudging clothes hemmed too long dancing and dragging on the floor, quicker now, perpetually tripping in slow motion, catching the egoless self, and picking the egoless self back up, clothes having a mind of their own, animated moving in ways not determined by the feet and legs, split, screams, a solid line jutting out, zig zags crossing each other, never parallel, slight differences in angles, mud painting the ground, definite thick lines and splotches characterized by sand springled along it at points and against it at others, blurs of medium here on earth for a long time and always there in some capacity




forward far

food moves

catch me

i want to hear everything all the time sometimes



hollowed voice








wash slow fast separate from time

in the ether

in nowhere


thrown back

happy here





danceful lucky

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