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Ami Dang's "Parted Plains"

sunlight immersive still and moving shifts with eachother alone lower frequencies swallow me whole and mid frequencies pick at my ears and higher frequencies soothe my mind

i am thrown into a crevasse patterns come up around me and iceair moves with them almost too much at some points and sometimes we forget how physical of a form music can take respite into iceair that makes me squint

running to and fro while the mind stays silent listens peers into itself slight washes underneath put me in a place and i feel comfortable but invigorated to listen differently write instinctual thoughts down to track how the sounds and listening evolve and vary you’re still here currents running through waves running through it doesn’t matter what it is all in your ear and in the room but think of the differences

spaces are created with geography and spaces are created with noise the frequencies lengthy dissipation after the note is struck proves this droning but changing


glaciers click and rattle and clang and it’s sped up like a windup toy music box droning sounds but active and constantly changing humming sounds both lull me the music box mollifying my anxiety and the humming accentuating my calm i am aware of the the things that agitate me sometimes but when i am and not this seeks it out and attempts to nurture them to something more positive while still invigorating always invigorating seagulls crows calling bouncing around but not there

just my ears and mind and not the eyes now i’m scared sunlight still in my eyes even when they are not receiving like a fixing of the ear to make in tip top shape surprised this isn’t a dream driving fast through the dark the opposite way avoiding the occasional car our lights blaring my music escaping into the air from the radio into nothingness into nothingness

keeping my hands on the letters as i listen what does that do for our psyches hers or mine pats my heart spits into the water there’s always about a centimeter of water on the floor a perfectly flat fountain that doesn’t seem to have much water because it’s spread out for miles

neurons pluck in the midst of a brain bath so all the cars are moving backwards except the ones in my lane we’re moving so slowly but still those moments of energy buzzing like an appliance singing and knowing how to sing building and knowing how to build everything started rising again but me in my school desk as a young boy brooding ever brooding the wash is the same the twangs and bends

silence so much space silents silents echoes the same way noise does and the floor erupts and the roof is peeled off still the thoughts excite the thoughts simultaneously put me into this relaxing state state a voice talks from far away and i barely leave but i’m still there too far gone too deep down i see the what the notes create on my eyelids blooms of light in many colors some that i can’t describe an emotional color and emotional sound that i feel but can not always describe there is no gravity here there is very little here a lamp and a chair and open space for which beeping and squelching synths and percussive sustaining sitar to fill the sound to fill the space to fill everything and wrap me up and make my chair float and make the lamp float and be around me

i feel like i’ve been asleep but i pick my head up and write to open my eyes the world fades in and i can go back there if i practice

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